Reach of the Stormlords

Session 10

April 17, 2010

19th of Eyre 998 YK

Immediately after their battle with Pung and the Enslaver, Emapiel and Bahn dragged the unconscious body of Pung into their temporary abode in Grindstone. Lord D’mitri choose to circle around the block and did not return.

Meanwhile, Carlista, Peredur, and Zdeněka returned from whatever place or time they had slipped into. They all appeared at the same time in a library. After some discussion, they heard footsteps descending down a circular stair into the room. An older white-haired and bespectacled man identified himself as Eldamir Fallowcrest and inquired what they were doing in his study. They were informed they were in the Lighthouse of Stormreach. After a moment of tension, Eldamir asked if he could be of help. He also informed them that Bella Roughknight and her crew was staying in the Lighthouse and that she would be here in a little bit. The group went down to the dock and met up with Bella.

Bella informed them that she suspected a Lord D’mitri could be found in the Grindstone District, so the group made their way there. They got momentarily distracted by Falconer’s Spire, the home of House Lyrandar in Stormreach, but returned to their path. While traveling through The Bazaar, they happened upon a stall of very fine tapestries, some of which depicted the characters in the places they disappear to. Zdeněka and Carlista investigated while Peredur held back. A female Deva approached the two to ask if she could help them, but when Zdeněka turned around to speak to her, the woman looked terrified and disappeared. The three decided to steal the tapestries, but were interrupted by a guard who wanted a bribe. Peredur’s coin purse a bit lighter, they left The Bazaar with the tapestries.

Emapiel bound Pung and awoke him to interrogate him. When he was ungagged, Pung gave out a loud screech, and Bahn had to intimidate him into submission. Pung answered some questions, informing the two that he had seen the Emapiel, Bahn, and Lord D’mitri in dreams as well as the others. He also said he had not told anyone else about them, which satisfied the two. They disposed of his body in the basement where the rats feasted.

Emapiel then looked out the window to see that the Swords of Karnn had the square in front of their hideout occupied. While trying to decide what to do next, she noticed Carlista, Peredur, and Zdeněka looking in upon the square from a side street. She and Bahn left the house through a back window and met up with the group.

Reunited, they decided to head out to the countryside to lie low and spend the night.

20th of Eyre 998 YK

In the morning, Peredur tried to burn the two tapestries depicting him. They would not burn, so he buried them instead. Emapiel went into Stormreach and had lunch with Captain Smargat. After a bit another gentleman joined them, introducing himself as Dedrick Beynar, the White Raven. He was quite personable. After lunch Smargat showed Emapiel the residence he had found for her, and Emapiel paid for a month.

Bahn went back to see Tyrl Gol Garin, the owner of The Pestle and inquired about the Scion of Vol. Tyrl did not have any information on it, and did not seem to think that any of his contacts would either. He recommended to Bahn that he visit a seer and gave him two names, Eldamir of the Lighthouse and Aidren Dodrum of the Saltire District. Bahn decided to go to the closer of the two, Aidren. Aidren gave a little background on the Elven bloodline of Vol, and told Bahn he could do further research in exchange for help with a local problem. Thieves have been plaguing the people of Saltire, breaking in and stealing items from their homes, including his. Aidren wasn’t interested in retrieving the items, per se, but wanted Bahn to capture and/or kill the thieves to prevent them from continuing their activities. Bahn agreed and staked out Saltire all evening long, but did not discover the thieves.

Peredur and Carlista teamed up and investigated Rosewood the temple dedicated to the Blood of Vol in Stormreach. They discovered services were held every evening at midnight, led by the high priestess, Berrinessa. They decided to return that evening and try to join the congregation. Shortly before they were to leave, Carlista disappeared, and Perdeur went by himself. He was followed leaving the house. The service was not what he expected. Berrinessa was quite charismatic and filled with concern for her congregation. A the end of the service, volunteers were asked to sacrifice of themselves. Some stood, and were slit on the arm to share their blood with the congregation. Perdur drank of the blood blessed by Berrinessa, and she inquired if he would stay after since he was new to the church. Afterward she and Peredur had a lovely chat, but Peredur noticed a brooding half-elf grew more and more concerned as he watched them. After their chat, Berrinessa went to the half-elf and lead him away by the hand. Peredur was not followed after the service was over.

Emapiel and Zdeněka teamed up, and explored Forgelight and Respite. They recognized a member of House Orien in a tavern called the Blissful Giant. They also found the House Jorasco Enclave. Later that evening they went to a local Summerfield inn call the The Ship’s Cat. It was full of locals drinking and being entertained by a bard. Constantly underfoot were a horde of cats. The Inn was run by a quite attractive female shifter, Harysh. They came home in the morning early morning hours.

21st of Eyre 998 YK

Bahn returned to Saltire to track down the thieves. He found the District to be a quiet residential area with little traffic during the day. He explored a region on the District’s southern edge called the Rubble Warren where he discovered a mine being run by a halfling. He was followed by a young boy who left when Bahn noticed him. Bahn did not find any trace of the thieves.

Emapiel visited a gnome tailor, Tyzian Davandi, owner of Far Davandi, a shop in The Bazaar. She bought a very elegant Glammerweave dress. She also picked up some make-up and a wig, planning a covert meeting with the House Orien member from the day before. On her way to Respite, a nobleman on the street seemed to recognize her, but continued on his way. She changed into her disguise and joined the House Orien member for lunch. He introduced himself as Breyn d’Orien, a stranded Transporter for the House. He told her that all means of teleporting into and out of Stormreach is being blocked.

Emapiel asked him about the Scion of Vol. He grew quite worried, and told her they should go elsewhere to discuss this. As they headed out, Zdeněka noticed the two of them and followed. Emapiel had to go talk with her and have her leave them be. Later Emapiel met back up with Breyn in the Garden of Respite. He explained that Vol was a House of dragonmarked elves that had been exterminated by the Aerenal some two thousand years ago. The line of Vol carried the Mark of Death, a thirteenth dragonmark. He also explained that each House had a Scion, a person of pure blood. Marriages were arranged for that person and they were protected by their House to maintain the purity of each House’s dragonmark. While the term “Scion of Vol” didn’t mean anything specific to him, the two terms together certainly suggested a person of pure blood carrying the Mark of Death. After their conversation, Emapiel dropped her disguise and made her way back home.

Zdeněka went to the House Jorasco Enclave and interviewed with the head healer, the female halfling Alhaura d’Jorasco, for a job as a healer. She displayed amazing aptitude for the job and was hired on the spot. As she went to lunch she saw Emapiel in disguise go into the Blissful Giant, and then later leave with the House Orien member. After her encounter with Emapiel, Zdeněka returned to the Enclave and noticed two gentlemen taking note of her. Later, as she finished her shift, the two gentlemen were joined by a third nobleman. She looked for another exit out of the Enclave and encountered a male halfling, Shran Fader d’Jorasco, who seemed interested in helping her. She dismissed him, and found her way out of the enclave and back home without incident.

Peredur explored the Harbor District, choosing to lunch at the Leaky Dinghy. He encountered several colorful people on his way into the tavern, a prophet named Tattered Alice, a weaponsmith named Three Finger Thad, and a halfling named Capshaw the Crier. Inside the tavern, the clientele was society’s worse. He was served by a female elf, Aida, but failed to impress her. While inquiring about the rumor of missing sailors, a chap named Lord Gerald Goodblade overheard the conversation and introduced himself. It seems he too was looking into these disappearances and proposed an alliance to help ferret out the problem. Peredur agreed, and they made plans to meet back up at 10:00 that evening. Peredur was not specific about whether he would be joined by any companions.

The companions met back up at their house in the evening hours, compared notes, and agreed to investigate Lord Gerald Goodblade, not at all trusting him.


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