Reach of the Stormlords

Session 11

May 1, 2010

21st of Eyre 998 YK

Peredur was the first to return to the companions new abode. Or so he thought. As he fey stepped into the main room, he found a sleepy Lord D’mitri awakening from a nap on the floor of the room. Not too much later, the rest of the group returned, including Carlista who also apparently had drifted off to another plane for a time.

Reunited, the companions discussed which of the rumors around Stormreach they would pursue. They debated between staking out Saltire in hopes of catching the thieves plaguing that district for Aidren Dodrum or meeting up with Lord Gerald Goodblade to patrol Harbor to discover what was causing the sailors to go missing. They decided upon meeting up with Goodblade at the Leaky Dinghy.

They met Goodblade at the appointed time, 10:00 in the evening, and discussed with him the plan. They decided to split up into two groups to better scout Harbor. Goodblade would go with Bahn, Lord D’mitri and Peredur, while Emapiel, Carlista and Zdeněka would stake out another location. Each group went their separate ways. While on patrol, Zdeněka noticed a plain, small inn by the name of Thaendyr’s Rest. Above the door was an ancient symbol marking the inn as a residence for one of the Undying Court.

The group led by Goodblade staked out the Wayward Lobster, and as they were preparing to move on, Peredur overheard a startled cry from an alleyway. He pointed the way for his unobservant companions and he dashed off to investigate. As he rounded the corner he found an Eladrin woman surrounded by three thugs, apparently trying to rob her.

Things looked grim for a few moments as Lord D’Mitri, Bahn and Goodblade were late to the scene. As a gnoll appeared from the sewers, and a halfling attacked from the shadows, the group knew there was more to this mugging than it originally seemed. Bahn recognized the halfling as being from a Sharn, a member of the Boromar Clan.

Soon, though, the rest of the companions overheard the commotion from several blocks away and rushed to join the fight. After dodging and weaving through the streets, they made their way to the ambush. They arrived just in time to see Goodblade attack Peredur, somehow snatching Peredur’s Manifest Prophecy Amulet from around his neck. The battle quickly turned against the ambushers and Lord Gerald Goodblade escaped into the sewers.

The groups newest companion, the Eladrin Syrah, vowed revenge upon him and wanted to chase after him into the sewers. But the group wisely decided to collect their wind for a moment, and decided the best way to proceed. As they paused a moment, Peredur heard a clink behind him. His Amulet him returned to him, falling to the street.

After a few minutes, the companions made their way into the mouth of the sewer pipe, an entrance into the Waterworks of Harbor. They followed the trail of Lord Gerald Goodblade west through the sewers until they reached an area that appeared heavily traveled. The floor had many footprints, most human sized, but several smaller, and even some large unrecognized footprints. The trail ended in a long cavern, obviously guarded. There were a couple of arrow slits positioned to cover a door.

Bahn snuck up, found another arrow slit, and made his way to the door. As he reached to turn its handle, he was attacked by several flying clay figurines through the arrow slits. The rest of the group pounced into action. They fought their way through the door, and into another area with a pit on one side, filled with daggerthorn stalagmites.

Lord D’Mitri attempted to leap across, but fell into the pit. Peredur made a spectacular leap/fey step across, pulled the lever to lower the bridge, and was greeted by a walking arbalester. Engaging the large animated crossbow, Peredur was besieged by a one-armed gnoll, Trogtos, and overcome by a wave of hatred and fear emitting from the scar of the missing limb. It took him a bit to recover, but Lord D’mitri took his place against the gnoll. Soon enough the companions had cleared the first part of this well-protected area of the sewers.


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