Reach of the Stormlords

Session 12

May 15th, 2010

21st of Eyre 998 YK

After defeating the first wave of protectors of the Den of the Slavers, the companions continued on. They next came upon a room with a double door, an arrow slit, and a privy hole that lead below. Looking through the arrow slit, they saw a chasm with a rope bridge across. On the other side was a flat area surrounding a stone building built into the side of the cavern. Several archers were hudled behind crates and other cover. The bottom of the cavern below was a mushroom forest. Syrah spied several Myconids which Emapiel was able to identify. They were unsure whether the myconids posed a threat or not.

The group devised a clever plan. Emapiel and Lord D’mitri would slide down the privy hole, braving the foul stench, into the mushroom cavern below. Once there they would sneak across the mushroom cavern to the wall of the other side of the cavern. Once there, Syrah would fire arrows at the archers to provide a distraction and Carlista would lumber across the rope bridge to hopefully get to the other side in time to heal her companions.

Syrah started the battle by loosing a couple of arrows. Lord D’mitri began scaling the wall. Emapiel uses the might of her god to strike the cover of the archers, drawing them to the side of the cavern. They were quickly dispatched by Syrah. Carlista began across the rope bridge.

The fray was joined by a halfling in elegant clothes guarded by an iron defender. Syrah replicated Peredur’s amazing feat of the last battle, jumping as far across the chasm as possible and fey stepping the rest of the way. Lord D’mitri and Emapiel made it to the top of the chasm wall and engaged the Den’s defenders. The halfling cast a shimmering field of light in front of the rope bridge, severely hampering Carlista’s arrival.

Emapiel teleported the iron defender away from the hafling. Lord D’mitiri tried to lock down the hafling, but he proved elusive, able to turn invisible several time. Finally the group converged upon him, having slayed all but two of the archers, and wounding the halfling significantly. He droped his ancestral spear upon the ground and surrounding to the companions, offering whatever aid he could provide.

The group weighed their options. The two archers tried to shoot down the halfling calling him a traitor, but their shots were never fired as they were cut down. The halfling called back his iron defender, and the group accepted his surrender.

The halfling introduced himself as Hanlon, and said he was working with the Boromar Clan. Inside the Den was members of the gang lead by a halfling by the name of Morgana. She was also a priestess of the Mockery. He said the Boromar Clan was kidnapping sailors. Some, if they were tough enough, were sold to a Red Ring stable to be used in gladiator battles. The rest were slain and sold as parts to the necromancer Jolan Tankran. Jolan is a Karnnathi war criminal identified in wanted posters in the Embers district.

Hanlon also mentioned that Jolan worked for the The Emerald Claw, which is lead by Dedrick Beynar, the White Raven. The group was informed that the Emerald Claw workes hand in hand with the Blood of Vol, doing their bidding both here and in Khorvaire.

The companions inquired about Lord Gerald Goodblade, but were told that Hanlon had not seen him today. Goodblade was working with the Boromar Clan to lure sailors into traps set by them. He would then leave with their valuables while the Clan took the sailors off to the Den. Hanlon did not know where Goodlblade lives, only that he frequented many of the Harbor inns and taverns.

Besides Morgana, the Den of the Slavers was also guarded by several cult members, two hafling members of the Boromar Clan, and a fearsome orc. The companions decided, since Goodlblade was not to be found here, and their wounds were starting to mount, to turn around and go home. Just as they were leaving they heard huge slurping sound.

The myconids below had been building a pillar below, and at that moment they used it to climb up the side of the cavern wall. In their heads, the companions heard a voice telling them that they, the myconids, meant them no harm. They only wanted to stop the slaughtering of the their yound by the people inside the Den. Given that the companions now had a large group of myconids willing to storm the Den, they decided to storm it and end the kidnapping of the sailors.

They made their plans, working in concert with the myconids to take the Den. They faced down Morgana, slaying her. The two halflings with her has terrible scars, and the first time they were attacked, a wave of painful hatred washed over their attacker, inflicting much harm. Evetually the host were defeated, though one of the halflings escaped into a tunnel with a mining cart providing a quick getaway.

After the battle the myconids destroyed some alchemical equipment and asked the group to destroy a formula with flame. Emapiel called down the wrath of her god upon it, and it was consumed by divine fire. The Myconids then shambled out of the den, and back into their mushroom cavern. During the chaos of the last battle, Hanlon and his iron defender slipped away, fleeing the area. The companions found some gold and equipment, another alchemical formula for blinding bombs, and a journal detailing the transactions with Jolan and a Ralzina Voraal, Stablemaster of Wyvern’s Tail.


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