Reach of the Stormlords

Session 13

May 22, 2010

21st of Eyre 998 YK

Following the battle at the entry to the Den of the Slavers, Zdeněka Viridiani saw the air around her waver and disappeared. She came to as the group fought their last battle against Morgana and the members of the Boromar Clan. As she regained consciousness, she saw a halfling she recognized from her work at the House Jorasco Enclave named Shran Fader d’Jorasco. He was riding an Iron Defender and leaving the Den through the entry the characters had used to gain entry. Not too longer after, the rest of group rejoined Zdeněka. During their discussion of the events, they realized the halfling formerly known as “Hanlon” was in fact this Shran d’Jorasco.

The group, bloodied and exhausted from rooting out the Den of the Slavers, made their way back home in Summerfield. The evening passed without further incident.

22nd of Eyre 998 YK

In the morning, the group awoke to missing members once more, Bahn Strasse, Lord D’mitri, and Peredur Calix all victims of the disappearances that afflict the group. Emapiel Orien decided to make her normal rounds of Grindstone again, and Zdeněka headed to Harbor to investigate the mysterious Thaendyr’s Rest she had seen the night before. Carlista and the group’s newest addition, Syrah joined her. Some discomfort was created by Syrah’s reticence to give her name, wishing to be known as “Friend.”

Emapiel headed to The Black Freighter for a late breakfast. As she arrived at the tavern, the air was much more tense than before. A group of Emerald Claw soldiers quickly stopped talking before she entered, but not before overhearing a snippet about the “Boromar operation.” Captain Smargat was colder to her then he had been before, but Emapiel could gleam little of his mood otherwise.

Zdeněka arrived first to Thaendyr’s Rest, and was met in the front room by an Aerenal elf named Thaera Daelys. After exchanging pleasantries, the woman invited Zdeněka to prey at a shrine to Undying Court that was maintained in the back of the facility. Not long after engauging in meditation, Carlista entered the inn, but was turned away by the elf woman whose greeting was less than friendly. As Carlista stormed out, she ran into Syrah, but gave her little warning about the greeting she could expect. Syrah entered, and the woman was quite a bit more friendly, though still declined to offer the eladrin any services. Syrah inquired about the Undying Court, and was told their were several sages in Stormreach who might be able to answer her questions.

Syrah left, spoke with Carlista a bit, and then headed to the Lighthouse to talk with Eldamir Fallowcrest. Carlista continued her brooding outside while waiting for Zdeněka outside the inn.

Zdeněka meditated for ten minutes or so, and was joined by a priest of the Undying Court, Maeran Mendyrian. He joined her in meditation, patiently waiting for her to finish her prayers. Once she was done, he introduced himself, and began talking with her. But not shortly after they began their conversation, a baboon and an Undying interrupted and told Maeran he needed to speak to Zdeněka alone. The Undying introduced himself as Chyn Mendyrian.

Syrah arrived at the Lighthouse, catching a glimpse of Bella Roughknight and the crew of the Glory of Enijil before entering. She spoke with Eldamir about the Undying Court, who gave her some background. She tried to describe to him some of the disappearances of her new companions, but he was mystified as to the meaning of it. He suggested if her friends spoke to him and gave him details about their experiences, he could try to help sort out what was happening. It also came up that three people had seemingly materialized out of nowhere in his study, but he did not know their whereabouts now.

As Syrah left, she encountered the crew again, and asked about the Captain. They started to recite a little bit about the circumstances that brought them here, but then remembered to not discuss that. Syrah left underwhelmed with the amount of information she had gleamed.

After her conversation with Chyn, Zdeněka made to leave. On her way out, Thaera expressed concern that Zdeněka was being followed as a human and an eladrin came into the inn shortly after her. Zdeněka reassured her, saying that the two visitors were her companions. Thaera remarked that if she and her companions were willing, there had a favor to ask. An Aerenal merchant family living in Embers was being followed, and had holed themselves up in their house fearing for their safety. Zdeněka was asked to go to the family and escort them to Thaendyr’s Rest, which she agreed to do.

Zdeněka rejoined Carlista outside and conveyed Thaera’s apology for her rough treatment of the human. They awaited Syrah’s return, and then made their way back home to meet up with Emapiel. Once they were all together they agreed to retrieve the merchant family form Embers.

As they arrived outside the house, the group spotted a couple of men watching the building, both of which Emapiel recognized from the The Black Freighter as members of the Emerald Claw. As Zdeněka went to the front door, Emapiel attempted to sneak up on the two sentries. They noticed her though, and spun around. They were caught off guard, recognizing her as well, and told her to get out of here. When she refused to comply, Carlista joined the discussion by unsheathing her two-handed sword.

Meanwhile, Zdeněka introduced herself to the merchant family, Leonsal and Ravaellis Thoros, and their young daughter, Marella and told them she was to escort them to Thaendyr’s Rest. As the family prepared to leave, the noise of combat broke out in the street.

Emapiel and Carlista quickly engaged with the Emerald Claw lookouts, but were in turn swarmed by several more troops dressed in tunics bearing the symbol of the Emerald Claw. The battle was intense, with Emapiel going down at one point, but the group overcame their opposition. As the Emerald Claw was done to its last two members, one tried to grab Marella, but Zdeněka had the family close and bar the door. The last soldiers died in futility trying to fulfill their mission.


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