Reach of the Stormlords

Session 9

March 20, 2010

17th of Eyre 998 YK

Immediately after the battle with Kern and his men, the PC’s speak with Bella Roughknight and she agrees to take her men and leave the Glory of Enijil in a separate rowboat and head to the Stormreach Lighthouse. As they were leaving, they realized two more of the group, Carlista and Zdeněka Viridiani had disappeared, this after Peredur Calix had disappeared before the battle.

The PCs, comprised of Emapiel Orien, Bahn Strasse and Lord D’mitri, made their way across the Stormreach Harbor. They decided to meet up with the beacon of light Kern had pointed out to them. They arrived at the light on a newly constructed portion of the Harbor marked with House Lyrandar insignia and Emapiel noticed a large rat exit the water, shake itself off, transform into a human and confer briefly with the the man directing the beacon of light.

As they arrived at the wharf, the man hailed them and directed them to follow him. He indicated that he knew the PCs had killed his men, but that he had to complete the mission. He lead the group for over an hour through the sewers and deposited them in the Grindstone Ward of the Southwatch District. He explained to the group that Stormreach was under siege. By land the Giants and the Guardians of Rusheme were blocking exit by land. A Blue Dragon had destroyed a House Lyrander Airship that had left Stormreach recently. And the sahuagin of Shargon’s Teeth have destroyed all ships leaving and heading to Stormreach.

Therefore, he told the group, it was necessary for them to maintain a low profile and make sure no one knew they had recently arrived. No new visitors had come to Stormreach for 2 or 3 weeks, and they would draw a lot of attention to themselves if they said they had arrived more recently.

18th of Eyre 998 YK

The PCs found an abandoned house, and fixed it up most of the next day. During the day they saw several patrols of a local militia, the Swords of Karnn. That evening they briefly left the house to pick up food and investigate a bit the neighborhood. They also went by Rosewood, a Temple dedicated to the Blood of Vol, where, to their surprise, the religion was practiced openly.

The next day Bahn went to Marketplace, poked around the Lorsmarch Palace and sold off some items the party had collected at The Bazaar. He also found The Pestle a shop for potions and more, and met its owner, the gnome Tyrl Gol Garin.

Lord D’mitri explored Marketplace as well, heading to Molou’s Distillery for a bottle of kuryeva and saw, though did not meet, the former Storm Lord Volen Lassite, the uncle of the current Coin Lord Varen Lassite. He also learned about the rest of the Lassite family, Naleen Lassite and Vasken Lassite. He then wandered into the Grindstone Ward of Cross and poke around the House Tharashk Refinery.

Emapiel explored both Wards of the Southwatch District, Graystone and Summerfield. In Summerfield found a more diverse population then the Karnnathi dominated Graystone, though still with many immigrants from Karnnath. There were few places of note in Summerfield, but Emapiel did take note of The Thrifty Traveler, The Ship’s Cat and the Blackwheel Barracks.

Emapiel then returned to Grindstone and had lunch at The Black Freighter, a local hangout for the The Order of the Emerald Claw. There she briefly met the barkeep, Captain Smargat and saw a mysterious man with a white raven.

During their exploration the PC’s became aware that they seemed to have lost two weeks, and that it was the 18th of Eyre instead of the 4th, the day they calculated it should be.

19th of Eyre 998 YK

Bahn continued exploring the city, working his way through the Wards Embers and Whitewash of the Oldgate District. Embers is populated primarily by immigrants from Thrane and has patrolled by The Knights of Thrane. Whitewash is a bright and festive ward home to many Aundarians and patrolled by a former division of the Aundair military, The Ninth Wands.

Meanwhile Lord D’mitri journeyed outside of the city and approached the Giants watching over Stormreach. They watched with disinterest as he approach, but a small group of Giants and other natives gathered around when he neared. They spoke amicably for a time. Lord D’mitri was told that they were the Guardians of Rusheme and that the Du’rashkatul had descended upon Stormreach. The Du’rashkatul is an ancient curse first mentioned to the PCs by Andrennal on the The Sundered Island. It causes madness and eventually leads to a mass homicidal rage, leaving all dead. When asked how they knew the Du’rashkatul was affecting Stormreach, the Guardian replied that the Speaker of the Land told them. They also told Lord D’mitri that no one from Stormreach was allowed to leave for fear they would spread the curse.

When D’mitri returned to the city, he cause quite a stir, with a group gathering asking him what the Giants had said and whether the siege has ending. Lord D’mitri described the welling of curiosity and the need for knowledge bursting forth. After a time the crowd dispersed losing interest.

Later Bahn and Lord D’mitri met up and began exploring Temple, a sprawling and chaotic entertainment District. Just some of the more obvious places in the district was the Keep of the Silver Flame, the House Phiarlan Enclave, Temple Row, and the Livewood Theater. While there he tracked down the Onyx Fountain, which was located on Elros’s map with a hand written note. What Bahn discovered was that it was seemingly a series of studio spaces run by House Phiarlan.

Emapiel created a routine, being seen around the Grindstone Ward. For lunch she returned to the Black Freighter and flirted Captain Smagrat. He told her he would find a good abode for her, and that other forms of payment could be arranged. She agreed to the abode, but to Smagrat’s disappointment, payment would seem to be in coin. Later, Emapiel noticed that Smagrat subtlely conferred with one of the Emerald Claw soldiers. As she left she noticed a few of the Emerald Claw following her, but quickly lost them.

She returned to the group’s makeshift home after going a circuitous route. Late in the afternoon a man in yellow robes and hat, wielding a nasty looking flail and a translucent smoky filled box took up a position near the house. He began a long sermon and had with him several followers in the same yellow robes and hats. A crowd slowly gathered around him listening to his doomsday predictions of woe. He seemed to draw connections between the giants, the sahuagin attacks and the appearance of the blue dragon. He also referred to him self at Pung several times.

Emapiel melted into the crowd to investigate further. Not shortly thereafter Lord D’mitri and Bahn turned the corner and came upon this scene. When Pung caught sight of them, he declared that they were the ones who had trapped them all in Stormreach. It was their fault Stormreach was doomed, and they must die.

Needless to say, combat ensued as the yellow robed cult members descended upon Bahn and Lord D’mitri. They fought them off, and Emapiel closed in on Pung, knocking the box out of Pung’s hands. It smashed to the ground, freeing the smoke, which coalesced into a foul and alien multi tentacled creature, with multitudes of eyes. Pitched battle wages, and the PC’s overcame the Enslaver, and ensconced with an unconscious Pung back into their house before anyone returned to the scene.


Thanks for posting this! Since I missed the gaming session it’s nice to know what happened. :)

Session 9
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