Lord D'mitri

A large but otherwise plain looking Half Orc.


Class: Tempest Fighter Background: Criminal (Class Skill: Stealth)

Str:17 Con:15 Dex:15 Int:10 Wis:13 Cha:10

AC:19 (+1 Chain Armor, +1 Amulet of Protection, Two Weapon Defense) Fort:17 Ref:14 Will:13

Weapons: Battle Axe, Short Sword, Javelin

  • Dual Strike
  • Footwork Lure
  • Distracting Spat
  • Advance Lunge
  • Comeback Strike
  • Pass-Forward
Race Features:
  • Low Light Vision
  • Gain 5 temp. HP when first bloodied/encounter
  • Furious Assault (Encounter)
  • +2 Speed when charging
Class Features:
  • Tempest Technique
  • Two Weapon Defense
  • Combat Challenge
  • Combat Superiority
  • Sneak of Shadows (Thievery)
  • Sneak Attack (1/Encounter)
  • Martial Freedom

D’mitri is a former member of a thieves guild in the Shadow Marches. Their specialty was acquiring and counterfeiting items. He left after the guild was ‘disbanded’ by another guild of thieves/vigilantes. Shortly thereafter, he was contacted by the Mosaic Committee.

D’mitri thinks that fashion is important to him although, ironically, he is actually very plain. He also has an over-inflated ego and believes that he is irresistably handsome, strong, clever, and hip.

Lord D'mitri

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