Reach of the Stormlords

Session 13
May 22, 2010

21st of Eyre 998 YK

Following the battle at the entry to the Den of the Slavers, Zdeněka Viridiani saw the air around her waver and disappeared. She came to as the group fought their last battle against Morgana and the members of the Boromar Clan. As she regained consciousness, she saw a halfling she recognized from her work at the House Jorasco Enclave named Shran Fader d’Jorasco. He was riding an Iron Defender and leaving the Den through the entry the characters had used to gain entry. Not too longer after, the rest of group rejoined Zdeněka. During their discussion of the events, they realized the halfling formerly known as “Hanlon” was in fact this Shran d’Jorasco.

The group, bloodied and exhausted from rooting out the Den of the Slavers, made their way back home in Summerfield. The evening passed without further incident.

22nd of Eyre 998 YK

In the morning, the group awoke to missing members once more, Bahn Strasse, Lord D’mitri, and Peredur Calix all victims of the disappearances that afflict the group. Emapiel Orien decided to make her normal rounds of Grindstone again, and Zdeněka headed to Harbor to investigate the mysterious Thaendyr’s Rest she had seen the night before. Carlista and the group’s newest addition, Syrah joined her. Some discomfort was created by Syrah’s reticence to give her name, wishing to be known as “Friend.”

Emapiel headed to The Black Freighter for a late breakfast. As she arrived at the tavern, the air was much more tense than before. A group of Emerald Claw soldiers quickly stopped talking before she entered, but not before overhearing a snippet about the “Boromar operation.” Captain Smargat was colder to her then he had been before, but Emapiel could gleam little of his mood otherwise.

Zdeněka arrived first to Thaendyr’s Rest, and was met in the front room by an Aerenal elf named Thaera Daelys. After exchanging pleasantries, the woman invited Zdeněka to prey at a shrine to Undying Court that was maintained in the back of the facility. Not long after engauging in meditation, Carlista entered the inn, but was turned away by the elf woman whose greeting was less than friendly. As Carlista stormed out, she ran into Syrah, but gave her little warning about the greeting she could expect. Syrah entered, and the woman was quite a bit more friendly, though still declined to offer the eladrin any services. Syrah inquired about the Undying Court, and was told their were several sages in Stormreach who might be able to answer her questions.

Syrah left, spoke with Carlista a bit, and then headed to the Lighthouse to talk with Eldamir Fallowcrest. Carlista continued her brooding outside while waiting for Zdeněka outside the inn.

Zdeněka meditated for ten minutes or so, and was joined by a priest of the Undying Court, Maeran Mendyrian. He joined her in meditation, patiently waiting for her to finish her prayers. Once she was done, he introduced himself, and began talking with her. But not shortly after they began their conversation, a baboon and an Undying interrupted and told Maeran he needed to speak to Zdeněka alone. The Undying introduced himself as Chyn Mendyrian.

Syrah arrived at the Lighthouse, catching a glimpse of Bella Roughknight and the crew of the Glory of Enijil before entering. She spoke with Eldamir about the Undying Court, who gave her some background. She tried to describe to him some of the disappearances of her new companions, but he was mystified as to the meaning of it. He suggested if her friends spoke to him and gave him details about their experiences, he could try to help sort out what was happening. It also came up that three people had seemingly materialized out of nowhere in his study, but he did not know their whereabouts now.

As Syrah left, she encountered the crew again, and asked about the Captain. They started to recite a little bit about the circumstances that brought them here, but then remembered to not discuss that. Syrah left underwhelmed with the amount of information she had gleamed.

After her conversation with Chyn, Zdeněka made to leave. On her way out, Thaera expressed concern that Zdeněka was being followed as a human and an eladrin came into the inn shortly after her. Zdeněka reassured her, saying that the two visitors were her companions. Thaera remarked that if she and her companions were willing, there had a favor to ask. An Aerenal merchant family living in Embers was being followed, and had holed themselves up in their house fearing for their safety. Zdeněka was asked to go to the family and escort them to Thaendyr’s Rest, which she agreed to do.

Zdeněka rejoined Carlista outside and conveyed Thaera’s apology for her rough treatment of the human. They awaited Syrah’s return, and then made their way back home to meet up with Emapiel. Once they were all together they agreed to retrieve the merchant family form Embers.

As they arrived outside the house, the group spotted a couple of men watching the building, both of which Emapiel recognized from the The Black Freighter as members of the Emerald Claw. As Zdeněka went to the front door, Emapiel attempted to sneak up on the two sentries. They noticed her though, and spun around. They were caught off guard, recognizing her as well, and told her to get out of here. When she refused to comply, Carlista joined the discussion by unsheathing her two-handed sword.

Meanwhile, Zdeněka introduced herself to the merchant family, Leonsal and Ravaellis Thoros, and their young daughter, Marella and told them she was to escort them to Thaendyr’s Rest. As the family prepared to leave, the noise of combat broke out in the street.

Emapiel and Carlista quickly engaged with the Emerald Claw lookouts, but were in turn swarmed by several more troops dressed in tunics bearing the symbol of the Emerald Claw. The battle was intense, with Emapiel going down at one point, but the group overcame their opposition. As the Emerald Claw was done to its last two members, one tried to grab Marella, but Zdeněka had the family close and bar the door. The last soldiers died in futility trying to fulfill their mission.

Session 12
May 15th, 2010

21st of Eyre 998 YK

After defeating the first wave of protectors of the Den of the Slavers, the companions continued on. They next came upon a room with a double door, an arrow slit, and a privy hole that lead below. Looking through the arrow slit, they saw a chasm with a rope bridge across. On the other side was a flat area surrounding a stone building built into the side of the cavern. Several archers were hudled behind crates and other cover. The bottom of the cavern below was a mushroom forest. Syrah spied several Myconids which Emapiel was able to identify. They were unsure whether the myconids posed a threat or not.

The group devised a clever plan. Emapiel and Lord D’mitri would slide down the privy hole, braving the foul stench, into the mushroom cavern below. Once there they would sneak across the mushroom cavern to the wall of the other side of the cavern. Once there, Syrah would fire arrows at the archers to provide a distraction and Carlista would lumber across the rope bridge to hopefully get to the other side in time to heal her companions.

Syrah started the battle by loosing a couple of arrows. Lord D’mitri began scaling the wall. Emapiel uses the might of her god to strike the cover of the archers, drawing them to the side of the cavern. They were quickly dispatched by Syrah. Carlista began across the rope bridge.

The fray was joined by a halfling in elegant clothes guarded by an iron defender. Syrah replicated Peredur’s amazing feat of the last battle, jumping as far across the chasm as possible and fey stepping the rest of the way. Lord D’mitri and Emapiel made it to the top of the chasm wall and engaged the Den’s defenders. The halfling cast a shimmering field of light in front of the rope bridge, severely hampering Carlista’s arrival.

Emapiel teleported the iron defender away from the hafling. Lord D’mitiri tried to lock down the hafling, but he proved elusive, able to turn invisible several time. Finally the group converged upon him, having slayed all but two of the archers, and wounding the halfling significantly. He droped his ancestral spear upon the ground and surrounding to the companions, offering whatever aid he could provide.

The group weighed their options. The two archers tried to shoot down the halfling calling him a traitor, but their shots were never fired as they were cut down. The halfling called back his iron defender, and the group accepted his surrender.

The halfling introduced himself as Hanlon, and said he was working with the Boromar Clan. Inside the Den was members of the gang lead by a halfling by the name of Morgana. She was also a priestess of the Mockery. He said the Boromar Clan was kidnapping sailors. Some, if they were tough enough, were sold to a Red Ring stable to be used in gladiator battles. The rest were slain and sold as parts to the necromancer Jolan Tankran. Jolan is a Karnnathi war criminal identified in wanted posters in the Embers district.

Hanlon also mentioned that Jolan worked for the The Emerald Claw, which is lead by Dedrick Beynar, the White Raven. The group was informed that the Emerald Claw workes hand in hand with the Blood of Vol, doing their bidding both here and in Khorvaire.

The companions inquired about Lord Gerald Goodblade, but were told that Hanlon had not seen him today. Goodblade was working with the Boromar Clan to lure sailors into traps set by them. He would then leave with their valuables while the Clan took the sailors off to the Den. Hanlon did not know where Goodlblade lives, only that he frequented many of the Harbor inns and taverns.

Besides Morgana, the Den of the Slavers was also guarded by several cult members, two hafling members of the Boromar Clan, and a fearsome orc. The companions decided, since Goodlblade was not to be found here, and their wounds were starting to mount, to turn around and go home. Just as they were leaving they heard huge slurping sound.

The myconids below had been building a pillar below, and at that moment they used it to climb up the side of the cavern wall. In their heads, the companions heard a voice telling them that they, the myconids, meant them no harm. They only wanted to stop the slaughtering of the their yound by the people inside the Den. Given that the companions now had a large group of myconids willing to storm the Den, they decided to storm it and end the kidnapping of the sailors.

They made their plans, working in concert with the myconids to take the Den. They faced down Morgana, slaying her. The two halflings with her has terrible scars, and the first time they were attacked, a wave of painful hatred washed over their attacker, inflicting much harm. Evetually the host were defeated, though one of the halflings escaped into a tunnel with a mining cart providing a quick getaway.

After the battle the myconids destroyed some alchemical equipment and asked the group to destroy a formula with flame. Emapiel called down the wrath of her god upon it, and it was consumed by divine fire. The Myconids then shambled out of the den, and back into their mushroom cavern. During the chaos of the last battle, Hanlon and his iron defender slipped away, fleeing the area. The companions found some gold and equipment, another alchemical formula for blinding bombs, and a journal detailing the transactions with Jolan and a Ralzina Voraal, Stablemaster of Wyvern’s Tail.

Session 11
May 1, 2010

21st of Eyre 998 YK

Peredur was the first to return to the companions new abode. Or so he thought. As he fey stepped into the main room, he found a sleepy Lord D’mitri awakening from a nap on the floor of the room. Not too much later, the rest of the group returned, including Carlista who also apparently had drifted off to another plane for a time.

Reunited, the companions discussed which of the rumors around Stormreach they would pursue. They debated between staking out Saltire in hopes of catching the thieves plaguing that district for Aidren Dodrum or meeting up with Lord Gerald Goodblade to patrol Harbor to discover what was causing the sailors to go missing. They decided upon meeting up with Goodblade at the Leaky Dinghy.

They met Goodblade at the appointed time, 10:00 in the evening, and discussed with him the plan. They decided to split up into two groups to better scout Harbor. Goodblade would go with Bahn, Lord D’mitri and Peredur, while Emapiel, Carlista and Zdeněka would stake out another location. Each group went their separate ways. While on patrol, Zdeněka noticed a plain, small inn by the name of Thaendyr’s Rest. Above the door was an ancient symbol marking the inn as a residence for one of the Undying Court.

The group led by Goodblade staked out the Wayward Lobster, and as they were preparing to move on, Peredur overheard a startled cry from an alleyway. He pointed the way for his unobservant companions and he dashed off to investigate. As he rounded the corner he found an Eladrin woman surrounded by three thugs, apparently trying to rob her.

Things looked grim for a few moments as Lord D’Mitri, Bahn and Goodblade were late to the scene. As a gnoll appeared from the sewers, and a halfling attacked from the shadows, the group knew there was more to this mugging than it originally seemed. Bahn recognized the halfling as being from a Sharn, a member of the Boromar Clan.

Soon, though, the rest of the companions overheard the commotion from several blocks away and rushed to join the fight. After dodging and weaving through the streets, they made their way to the ambush. They arrived just in time to see Goodblade attack Peredur, somehow snatching Peredur’s Manifest Prophecy Amulet from around his neck. The battle quickly turned against the ambushers and Lord Gerald Goodblade escaped into the sewers.

The groups newest companion, the Eladrin Syrah, vowed revenge upon him and wanted to chase after him into the sewers. But the group wisely decided to collect their wind for a moment, and decided the best way to proceed. As they paused a moment, Peredur heard a clink behind him. His Amulet him returned to him, falling to the street.

After a few minutes, the companions made their way into the mouth of the sewer pipe, an entrance into the Waterworks of Harbor. They followed the trail of Lord Gerald Goodblade west through the sewers until they reached an area that appeared heavily traveled. The floor had many footprints, most human sized, but several smaller, and even some large unrecognized footprints. The trail ended in a long cavern, obviously guarded. There were a couple of arrow slits positioned to cover a door.

Bahn snuck up, found another arrow slit, and made his way to the door. As he reached to turn its handle, he was attacked by several flying clay figurines through the arrow slits. The rest of the group pounced into action. They fought their way through the door, and into another area with a pit on one side, filled with daggerthorn stalagmites.

Lord D’Mitri attempted to leap across, but fell into the pit. Peredur made a spectacular leap/fey step across, pulled the lever to lower the bridge, and was greeted by a walking arbalester. Engaging the large animated crossbow, Peredur was besieged by a one-armed gnoll, Trogtos, and overcome by a wave of hatred and fear emitting from the scar of the missing limb. It took him a bit to recover, but Lord D’mitri took his place against the gnoll. Soon enough the companions had cleared the first part of this well-protected area of the sewers.

Session 10
April 17, 2010

19th of Eyre 998 YK

Immediately after their battle with Pung and the Enslaver, Emapiel and Bahn dragged the unconscious body of Pung into their temporary abode in Grindstone. Lord D’mitri choose to circle around the block and did not return.

Meanwhile, Carlista, Peredur, and Zdeněka returned from whatever place or time they had slipped into. They all appeared at the same time in a library. After some discussion, they heard footsteps descending down a circular stair into the room. An older white-haired and bespectacled man identified himself as Eldamir Fallowcrest and inquired what they were doing in his study. They were informed they were in the Lighthouse of Stormreach. After a moment of tension, Eldamir asked if he could be of help. He also informed them that Bella Roughknight and her crew was staying in the Lighthouse and that she would be here in a little bit. The group went down to the dock and met up with Bella.

Bella informed them that she suspected a Lord D’mitri could be found in the Grindstone District, so the group made their way there. They got momentarily distracted by Falconer’s Spire, the home of House Lyrandar in Stormreach, but returned to their path. While traveling through The Bazaar, they happened upon a stall of very fine tapestries, some of which depicted the characters in the places they disappear to. Zdeněka and Carlista investigated while Peredur held back. A female Deva approached the two to ask if she could help them, but when Zdeněka turned around to speak to her, the woman looked terrified and disappeared. The three decided to steal the tapestries, but were interrupted by a guard who wanted a bribe. Peredur’s coin purse a bit lighter, they left The Bazaar with the tapestries.

Emapiel bound Pung and awoke him to interrogate him. When he was ungagged, Pung gave out a loud screech, and Bahn had to intimidate him into submission. Pung answered some questions, informing the two that he had seen the Emapiel, Bahn, and Lord D’mitri in dreams as well as the others. He also said he had not told anyone else about them, which satisfied the two. They disposed of his body in the basement where the rats feasted.

Emapiel then looked out the window to see that the Swords of Karnn had the square in front of their hideout occupied. While trying to decide what to do next, she noticed Carlista, Peredur, and Zdeněka looking in upon the square from a side street. She and Bahn left the house through a back window and met up with the group.

Reunited, they decided to head out to the countryside to lie low and spend the night.

20th of Eyre 998 YK

In the morning, Peredur tried to burn the two tapestries depicting him. They would not burn, so he buried them instead. Emapiel went into Stormreach and had lunch with Captain Smargat. After a bit another gentleman joined them, introducing himself as Dedrick Beynar, the White Raven. He was quite personable. After lunch Smargat showed Emapiel the residence he had found for her, and Emapiel paid for a month.

Bahn went back to see Tyrl Gol Garin, the owner of The Pestle and inquired about the Scion of Vol. Tyrl did not have any information on it, and did not seem to think that any of his contacts would either. He recommended to Bahn that he visit a seer and gave him two names, Eldamir of the Lighthouse and Aidren Dodrum of the Saltire District. Bahn decided to go to the closer of the two, Aidren. Aidren gave a little background on the Elven bloodline of Vol, and told Bahn he could do further research in exchange for help with a local problem. Thieves have been plaguing the people of Saltire, breaking in and stealing items from their homes, including his. Aidren wasn’t interested in retrieving the items, per se, but wanted Bahn to capture and/or kill the thieves to prevent them from continuing their activities. Bahn agreed and staked out Saltire all evening long, but did not discover the thieves.

Peredur and Carlista teamed up and investigated Rosewood the temple dedicated to the Blood of Vol in Stormreach. They discovered services were held every evening at midnight, led by the high priestess, Berrinessa. They decided to return that evening and try to join the congregation. Shortly before they were to leave, Carlista disappeared, and Perdeur went by himself. He was followed leaving the house. The service was not what he expected. Berrinessa was quite charismatic and filled with concern for her congregation. A the end of the service, volunteers were asked to sacrifice of themselves. Some stood, and were slit on the arm to share their blood with the congregation. Perdur drank of the blood blessed by Berrinessa, and she inquired if he would stay after since he was new to the church. Afterward she and Peredur had a lovely chat, but Peredur noticed a brooding half-elf grew more and more concerned as he watched them. After their chat, Berrinessa went to the half-elf and lead him away by the hand. Peredur was not followed after the service was over.

Emapiel and Zdeněka teamed up, and explored Forgelight and Respite. They recognized a member of House Orien in a tavern called the Blissful Giant. They also found the House Jorasco Enclave. Later that evening they went to a local Summerfield inn call the The Ship’s Cat. It was full of locals drinking and being entertained by a bard. Constantly underfoot were a horde of cats. The Inn was run by a quite attractive female shifter, Harysh. They came home in the morning early morning hours.

21st of Eyre 998 YK

Bahn returned to Saltire to track down the thieves. He found the District to be a quiet residential area with little traffic during the day. He explored a region on the District’s southern edge called the Rubble Warren where he discovered a mine being run by a halfling. He was followed by a young boy who left when Bahn noticed him. Bahn did not find any trace of the thieves.

Emapiel visited a gnome tailor, Tyzian Davandi, owner of Far Davandi, a shop in The Bazaar. She bought a very elegant Glammerweave dress. She also picked up some make-up and a wig, planning a covert meeting with the House Orien member from the day before. On her way to Respite, a nobleman on the street seemed to recognize her, but continued on his way. She changed into her disguise and joined the House Orien member for lunch. He introduced himself as Breyn d’Orien, a stranded Transporter for the House. He told her that all means of teleporting into and out of Stormreach is being blocked.

Emapiel asked him about the Scion of Vol. He grew quite worried, and told her they should go elsewhere to discuss this. As they headed out, Zdeněka noticed the two of them and followed. Emapiel had to go talk with her and have her leave them be. Later Emapiel met back up with Breyn in the Garden of Respite. He explained that Vol was a House of dragonmarked elves that had been exterminated by the Aerenal some two thousand years ago. The line of Vol carried the Mark of Death, a thirteenth dragonmark. He also explained that each House had a Scion, a person of pure blood. Marriages were arranged for that person and they were protected by their House to maintain the purity of each House’s dragonmark. While the term “Scion of Vol” didn’t mean anything specific to him, the two terms together certainly suggested a person of pure blood carrying the Mark of Death. After their conversation, Emapiel dropped her disguise and made her way back home.

Zdeněka went to the House Jorasco Enclave and interviewed with the head healer, the female halfling Alhaura d’Jorasco, for a job as a healer. She displayed amazing aptitude for the job and was hired on the spot. As she went to lunch she saw Emapiel in disguise go into the Blissful Giant, and then later leave with the House Orien member. After her encounter with Emapiel, Zdeněka returned to the Enclave and noticed two gentlemen taking note of her. Later, as she finished her shift, the two gentlemen were joined by a third nobleman. She looked for another exit out of the Enclave and encountered a male halfling, Shran Fader d’Jorasco, who seemed interested in helping her. She dismissed him, and found her way out of the enclave and back home without incident.

Peredur explored the Harbor District, choosing to lunch at the Leaky Dinghy. He encountered several colorful people on his way into the tavern, a prophet named Tattered Alice, a weaponsmith named Three Finger Thad, and a halfling named Capshaw the Crier. Inside the tavern, the clientele was society’s worse. He was served by a female elf, Aida, but failed to impress her. While inquiring about the rumor of missing sailors, a chap named Lord Gerald Goodblade overheard the conversation and introduced himself. It seems he too was looking into these disappearances and proposed an alliance to help ferret out the problem. Peredur agreed, and they made plans to meet back up at 10:00 that evening. Peredur was not specific about whether he would be joined by any companions.

The companions met back up at their house in the evening hours, compared notes, and agreed to investigate Lord Gerald Goodblade, not at all trusting him.

Session 9
March 20, 2010

17th of Eyre 998 YK

Immediately after the battle with Kern and his men, the PC’s speak with Bella Roughknight and she agrees to take her men and leave the Glory of Enijil in a separate rowboat and head to the Stormreach Lighthouse. As they were leaving, they realized two more of the group, Carlista and Zdeněka Viridiani had disappeared, this after Peredur Calix had disappeared before the battle.

The PCs, comprised of Emapiel Orien, Bahn Strasse and Lord D’mitri, made their way across the Stormreach Harbor. They decided to meet up with the beacon of light Kern had pointed out to them. They arrived at the light on a newly constructed portion of the Harbor marked with House Lyrandar insignia and Emapiel noticed a large rat exit the water, shake itself off, transform into a human and confer briefly with the the man directing the beacon of light.

As they arrived at the wharf, the man hailed them and directed them to follow him. He indicated that he knew the PCs had killed his men, but that he had to complete the mission. He lead the group for over an hour through the sewers and deposited them in the Grindstone Ward of the Southwatch District. He explained to the group that Stormreach was under siege. By land the Giants and the Guardians of Rusheme were blocking exit by land. A Blue Dragon had destroyed a House Lyrander Airship that had left Stormreach recently. And the sahuagin of Shargon’s Teeth have destroyed all ships leaving and heading to Stormreach.

Therefore, he told the group, it was necessary for them to maintain a low profile and make sure no one knew they had recently arrived. No new visitors had come to Stormreach for 2 or 3 weeks, and they would draw a lot of attention to themselves if they said they had arrived more recently.

18th of Eyre 998 YK

The PCs found an abandoned house, and fixed it up most of the next day. During the day they saw several patrols of a local militia, the Swords of Karnn. That evening they briefly left the house to pick up food and investigate a bit the neighborhood. They also went by Rosewood, a Temple dedicated to the Blood of Vol, where, to their surprise, the religion was practiced openly.

The next day Bahn went to Marketplace, poked around the Lorsmarch Palace and sold off some items the party had collected at The Bazaar. He also found The Pestle a shop for potions and more, and met its owner, the gnome Tyrl Gol Garin.

Lord D’mitri explored Marketplace as well, heading to Molou’s Distillery for a bottle of kuryeva and saw, though did not meet, the former Storm Lord Volen Lassite, the uncle of the current Coin Lord Varen Lassite. He also learned about the rest of the Lassite family, Naleen Lassite and Vasken Lassite. He then wandered into the Grindstone Ward of Cross and poke around the House Tharashk Refinery.

Emapiel explored both Wards of the Southwatch District, Graystone and Summerfield. In Summerfield found a more diverse population then the Karnnathi dominated Graystone, though still with many immigrants from Karnnath. There were few places of note in Summerfield, but Emapiel did take note of The Thrifty Traveler, The Ship’s Cat and the Blackwheel Barracks.

Emapiel then returned to Grindstone and had lunch at The Black Freighter, a local hangout for the The Order of the Emerald Claw. There she briefly met the barkeep, Captain Smargat and saw a mysterious man with a white raven.

During their exploration the PC’s became aware that they seemed to have lost two weeks, and that it was the 18th of Eyre instead of the 4th, the day they calculated it should be.

19th of Eyre 998 YK

Bahn continued exploring the city, working his way through the Wards Embers and Whitewash of the Oldgate District. Embers is populated primarily by immigrants from Thrane and has patrolled by The Knights of Thrane. Whitewash is a bright and festive ward home to many Aundarians and patrolled by a former division of the Aundair military, The Ninth Wands.

Meanwhile Lord D’mitri journeyed outside of the city and approached the Giants watching over Stormreach. They watched with disinterest as he approach, but a small group of Giants and other natives gathered around when he neared. They spoke amicably for a time. Lord D’mitri was told that they were the Guardians of Rusheme and that the Du’rashkatul had descended upon Stormreach. The Du’rashkatul is an ancient curse first mentioned to the PCs by Andrennal on the The Sundered Island. It causes madness and eventually leads to a mass homicidal rage, leaving all dead. When asked how they knew the Du’rashkatul was affecting Stormreach, the Guardian replied that the Speaker of the Land told them. They also told Lord D’mitri that no one from Stormreach was allowed to leave for fear they would spread the curse.

When D’mitri returned to the city, he cause quite a stir, with a group gathering asking him what the Giants had said and whether the siege has ending. Lord D’mitri described the welling of curiosity and the need for knowledge bursting forth. After a time the crowd dispersed losing interest.

Later Bahn and Lord D’mitri met up and began exploring Temple, a sprawling and chaotic entertainment District. Just some of the more obvious places in the district was the Keep of the Silver Flame, the House Phiarlan Enclave, Temple Row, and the Livewood Theater. While there he tracked down the Onyx Fountain, which was located on Elros’s map with a hand written note. What Bahn discovered was that it was seemingly a series of studio spaces run by House Phiarlan.

Emapiel created a routine, being seen around the Grindstone Ward. For lunch she returned to the Black Freighter and flirted Captain Smagrat. He told her he would find a good abode for her, and that other forms of payment could be arranged. She agreed to the abode, but to Smagrat’s disappointment, payment would seem to be in coin. Later, Emapiel noticed that Smagrat subtlely conferred with one of the Emerald Claw soldiers. As she left she noticed a few of the Emerald Claw following her, but quickly lost them.

She returned to the group’s makeshift home after going a circuitous route. Late in the afternoon a man in yellow robes and hat, wielding a nasty looking flail and a translucent smoky filled box took up a position near the house. He began a long sermon and had with him several followers in the same yellow robes and hats. A crowd slowly gathered around him listening to his doomsday predictions of woe. He seemed to draw connections between the giants, the sahuagin attacks and the appearance of the blue dragon. He also referred to him self at Pung several times.

Emapiel melted into the crowd to investigate further. Not shortly thereafter Lord D’mitri and Bahn turned the corner and came upon this scene. When Pung caught sight of them, he declared that they were the ones who had trapped them all in Stormreach. It was their fault Stormreach was doomed, and they must die.

Needless to say, combat ensued as the yellow robed cult members descended upon Bahn and Lord D’mitri. They fought them off, and Emapiel closed in on Pung, knocking the box out of Pung’s hands. It smashed to the ground, freeing the smoke, which coalesced into a foul and alien multi tentacled creature, with multitudes of eyes. Pitched battle wages, and the PC’s overcame the Enslaver, and ensconced with an unconscious Pung back into their house before anyone returned to the scene.

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