Tag: Cross


  • Dannel's Pride

    Dannel's Pride is a Ward of [[Cross]], the majority of the residents being refugees from Cyre. h4. List of People, Organizations and Places * [[Dannel's Wrath]]

  • Morgana

    * [[Boromar Clan]], [[Dark Six | The Keeper]] * [[Den of the Slavers]], [[Underdark]] - [[Cross]] * Female Halfling * Morgana is a raven haired beauty, who attacks with ruthless and calculating calm. She is a priestess of The Keeper.

  • Aidren Dodrum

    * [[Saltire]] - [[Cross]] * Male Half-elf * Seer who met with [[:83707 | Bahn Strasse]]. Agreed to research the Scion of Vol in exchange for Bahn helping Saltire with recent break-ins in the area, including his own shop.