Blood of Vol

The Blood of Vol is a religion in Khorvaire centered on the belief of Divinity Within, which means that the Blood of Vol does not revere any deity but the blood that courses though their own veins. Only by embracing the potential power of their blood may they avoid Dolurrh’s gray wasteland and live in an afterlife crafted by the individuals own abilities, a place of eternal happiness.

Followers of the Blood of Vol are called Seekers and come from all walks of life. The Blood of Vol is expansive and maintains positions throughout Khorvaire though not as wealthy or powerful as the churches of The Sovereign Host.

The Blood of Vol in Stormreach

The Blood of Vol is openly worshiped in Stormreach. The main temple of the Blood of Vol is Rosewood in the Grindstone Ward of the Southwatch District.


  • Stormreach
    • Berrinessa – High Priestess of the Blood of Vol.

Blood of Vol

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