City of Stormreach


A seaport situated on the eastern coast of the Skyfall Peninsula of Xen’drik, Stormreach is governed by the five Storm Lords of Stormreach. One, the Harbor Lord, was established by the Kingdom of Galifar to ensure the saftey of the harbor. The other four, collectively known as Coin Lords, were established by four families of former pirates, those whom originally negotiated the charter for the city. Each Coin Lord is responsible for different aspects of the city, from defense and policing to commerce and manufacturing. Each Stormlord is also in charge of one or more of Stormreach’s nine districts.

Though the Kingdom of Galifar collapsed, the original charter that established Stormreach remains intact. Stormreach as a independent City-State not under the control of any external party was acknowledged and codified in the Treaty of Thronehold. But, even as it’s existence as an independent entity has been legitimized, Stormreach itself continues to be a dangerous and loosely governed city. Justice, when served, is often bought, and who you know is often the best form of protection.

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City of Stormreach

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