House Lyrandar

House Lyrandar, also known as the House of Storm, is a half-elven dragonmarked house with holdings throughout Khorvaire. Its primary base of operations is located on Stormhome, an island city-state just north of Aundair. As is common among other dragonmarked houses, Lyrandar is led by a baron. House Lyrander is very dedicated to the Khoravar (half-elves of Khorvaire) race and promoting the race. They are likely to encourage half-elves in their pursuits even outside the house. Talented Khoravar of any industry or field find a welcome place amongst House Lyrandar.


House Lyrandar possesses the Mark of Storm. This mark grants the ability to control winds and waves. House Lyrandar exclusively owns and operates the airship transport business across Khorvaire, and has a large oceanic shipping and transportation network. Other members provide farmers with necessary rain and good weather to produce the plentiful harvests Khorvaire needs to remain virile.


The Raincallers Guild provides weather management, while the Windwrights Guild is one of the largest air and sea shipping and transit businesses in Khorvaire.


House Lyrandar

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