House Tarkanen

House Tarkanen is a gang of criminals based in Sharn. Most of the membership have Aberrant Dragonmarks. Mocking the thirteen Dragonmarked Houses, they adopted the House nomeclature, and took to calling themselves House Tarkanen.

House Tarkanen has a long history, dating back to the War of the Mark. During the war, the Draonmarked Houses took it up themselves to cleanse their blood lines of Hydrid and Aberrant Dragonmarks. They killed or quarantined all who displayed these marks.

Tarkenan, a human male, lead a group of refugees with Aberrant marks to Sharn, and there staged a last stand against the Dragonmarked Houses. The resistance was shattered, but some survivors escaped into the depths of the city, hiding and waiting.

Today, the descendants of Tarkenan’s resistance have banded together and formed a criminal organization within Sharn. They specialize in assassination, providing muscle, intimidation, and other strong arm tactics.

List of Members

House Tarkanen

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