Mosaic Committee

Mysterious organization based out of the Country of Aundair. The Committee’s goal is to manipulate events, items or people described in the Draconic Prophesy to insure the rise and domination of the so-called “Lesser Races” (dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, half-elves, half-orcs, and humans). Rumored to seek out and destroy many artifacts, both from Khorvaire and from Xen’drik.

The Mosaic Committe contacted each of the PC’s with a letter stating they had been chosen to work for the Mosaic Committee. They were given Lightning Rail passes. Once the group had been collected together they were given another letter with instructions to steal an artifact called “The Heart of Eberron”. The mission was a ruse, it’s true mission being a test to determine who would become the newest agents working for the Committee.

The team made up of Carados Calix, Clemency Dillane, Emapiel Orien, Lord Dimitri and Pistol Boromar won the competition and were given a reward, a set of magical items, transport to Sharn and orders to set up shop there. Upon arrival they were attacked by House Tarkanen assassins. They had a very sizable bounty place upon there heads. After meeting up with Breland, they were told the team that had been in Sharn had been assassinated. They were asked to go to Stormreach and retrieve the Scion of Vol.

Carados and Clemency were were killed when the team was ambushed by House Tarkanen. Pistol Boromar went missing shortly after a group of Boromar Clan thugs failed to kill him. New members to join the team were quickly found to replace the fallen and missing members. These new members include Bahn Strasse, a former Boromar Clan member, Zdeněka Viridiani, a mysterious Aerenal elf, and Peredur Calix, brother of Carados.

There were other teams, apparently, that failed the competition to become Mosaic Committee agents. What happened to them remains unknown.


Mosaic Committee

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